Saturday, 26 December 2015

Blood Angels: The Black Rage: Part 1

Hey all!

Carrying on from my "Christmas Swag" post, I'm beginning a new series on the Blood Angels. It's been a good 3-4 years since I've done any 40k properly. For those of you that have read my "Story so far" post, you'll know that I used to really like the Blood Angels (well, as much as a Chaos-loving 20-year old can), so it's a genuinely exciting prospect to be doing some 40k again!

My decision to do Blood Angels was inspired by this:

A good friend of mine (Neil - who also has a blog and a painting/ modelling facebook page, look for Neilrh89 if you're interested) bought me this for Christmas. Two weeks ago I was actually complaining that it was a beautiful model, but too expensive to justify ever buying... so thanks for getting me out of that loop hole Neil!

About a year ago I tried to get back into 40k, with limited success. During that time I ended up buying the Blood Angels Codex, and Deathstorm; a pretty good bundle deal if ever there was one!
Whilst I'd already sold the Tyranids on, still had the Death Company sprue left over sitting in my bits box! Success!!

I love it when a plan comes together! (or... when luck pervades!)

So, armed with a new character and a set of troops to go with it, I embarked on a Christmas day building spree!!
After consulting the codex, I build the Death Company as you can see below. 

No frills or spills - I went for something generic for these guys. Bolt Pistols and Chainswords were the order of the day. Future versions, when I expand the squad, may see extra CC weapons, but for the time being I felt like going for simple was best. That being said, I did decide to equip the squad with Jump Packs to allow them to keep pace with the Chaplain.

It was an absolute joy to work with multi-part plastic miniatures again after spending so long using just metal miniatures (Infinity). I played around like a few poses before finishing of these. I'm pretty happy them!

Moving on to the Character, I couldn't resist doing a minor conversion here. My year of infinity made me itch for kit-bashing and converting, so I used a subtle one here.

A minor trim and reposition of the left arm see's my Chaplain soaring overhead his pistol into his enemies. The pistol was taken from the Death Company box; a clip at the wrist of both the original arm and the arm with the pistol means my chaplain gets to keep his ornate armor too! I imagine I'll use the pistol as the Relic weapon 'Fury of Baal'; a special plasma pistol that never overheats (excellent....)

So that makes six models with exceptionally detailed armor ready to paint!

Let the post Christmas fun begin!!

Hope you're all having an equally as exciting hobby-inspired christmas, have fun.