Saturday, 2 January 2016

Bushido: Prefecture of Ryu - Unboxing and Assembling Takashi Akio


Not a game I know a lot about, nor a game I'm likely to play a lot of. Nothing wrong with the game system I'm sure, and I know Beasts of War cover it quite a lot (so it's probably very good), but more because I don't know how many people in and around Cambridge will want to play it. (By the way, if you are local to Cambridge, then please do let me know if you do!)

That being said, they make some pretty stunning models. Really stunning models! And as a bit of a Japanophile, I was immediate in love with the models as soon as I saw them.

Knowing this, my girlfriend decided to buy me a model for Christmas: Akio Takasi.

Image taken from Bushido's webstore

So I thought I would do another unboxing/ assembly review, for anyone out there that's interested in getting into Bushido.

Unboxing and First Impression

As with a lot of Skimish games, Akio is supplied in a single blister, as shown below

Within the blister, you get the model's stat card, a small artwork insert and the model itself. The packaging is perfectly suitable to a model this size, and there was no problem with damage in transport. My only major concern with the items supplied is the lack of either assembly instructions, or an image of the full model.

Akio comes in six pieces; the main body, left and right arm, and then a small sprue containing his helmet details, and the wakizashi sheathed at his waist. There was no flash on any of the parts, meaning I could move straight on to the assembly.

Assembling the model

With no clear instructions, I had to constantly refer to the studio-painted image I've included at the top of this post for help with assembly. Unfortunately, the web store only has a single angle for the photo, making it tricky to assemble.
The arms and helmet crest were easy enough to assemble, with very clear pegs/ holes moulded onto the models. The Wakizashi proved more problematic, not in terms of the actual position but more the correct orientation/ alignment of the blade. It took a few attempts to get right, but overall only took about 15 mins to build.

Overall, I'm impressed. The quality of the cast, as you can hopefully see in the photos, is very good. There's plenty of details on the model to pick out, particularly for the texture on his armour.

I look forward to painting the model (soon!), and getting a completed model up to show you all.
As I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure yet whether Bushido will be a permanent feature on the blog, or whether it will just be a one off. I guess it will depend on how many views this post gets, and what comments you leave.

Would you like to see more posts like this? Would you like different games systems shown here, or just Warhammer 30k/ 40k, Infinity and Dropzone? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading/ liking/ sharing everyone, and happy new year! Let's make 2016 a great hobby year!