Thursday, 28 January 2016

Store review: Element Games

Something different today, and more of a quick update explaining some changes to the blog.

Some of you may have noticed an Element Games banner over on the left hand side of the blog, along with a number appearing on past blog posts at the bottom of the page.

Element's have recently started an affiliate scheme, whereby bloggers/ youtubers/ etc can sign up and earn rewards for advertising for the company.

I've chosen to get on board not just for the rewards, but to also show my support for a company that has offered me nothing but excellent service. 

I thought I'd do a little review of the company today to explain exactly why I think you guys should use Element Games over the dozen or so other vendors out there.

First and foremost - 10% Discount off RRP. I know that most stores offer this kind of saving which doesn't make them stand-out, but for most of us money is important and a competitive pricing is always good.

Secondly - 'Element Crystals' and the referral scheme. Do you like free money? Welcome to the Element bonus scheme. Register an account and you'll earn Element crystals with every order you place. I think it's something like 1 crystal for every full £10 you spend, and each crystal is worth 10pence. it's not a lot, but every little helps. You'll be given a referral code (mine ins MAT850, for example). Pass this on to your friends, and every time they place an order you'll be eligable to earn Element Crystals, PLUS they'll earn double Crystals on their own order. Snazzy!

Thirdly - Choice. Element games offer a staggeringly large selection.

and this list doesn't include GW product, nor hobby supplies and card games...

Fourthly - Service. I've never had a bad experience with Element games. I've been using them since August last year, and have placed about Dozen orders in that time. Of those dozen orders, only two haven't been dispatched same day and arrived the next; the first was because the model wasn't in stock (which was clearly labelled on their website, but it was during the period when shipping anything on a lorry from mainland Europe was subject to horrendous delays), and the other was because I ordered the model at 4pm... it still arrived within two days. For the most part, the stock listings on their website seem up to date and they send out weekly newsletters detailing all the new releases across the most popular games, They also seem to have a fairly up-to-date selection of new models, at least they do from GW, Infinity and Guildball (my main purchases). Where I have had to contact them their customer service team has replied quickly and politely.

Best of all.... every order comes with a bespoke Element Games sweet - I kid you not! It's like a slice of rock candy branded with the Element name and colours. A nice and delicious touch!

In summary - I'd be happy to recommend Element games to you for free; I've done it plenty of times already. I'm happy to advertise for them because, frankly, I feel that they're a store that deserves to be used. Great choice, competitive prices, up-to-date stock lists, and a quick easy delivery method.
10/10 - will buy again (payday soon, money will change hands!)

Until next time, thanks for reading - and I hope this didn't sound too mercenary!

As always, please comment with what you'd like to see next (or I'll continue to just ramble) and like/ share/ subscribe.

Thanks everyone